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The Officially Unofficial Fantasy League for MTV’s The Challenge

Officially Unofficial Challenge Fantasy League


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Personal Foul


The Stand Up Scene in the Big City

An Amateur Comedian in New York


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Find Rachel hosting Think While You Drink bar trivia at Bar None in New York City every Thursday at 6.30pm.


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Rachel Arbeit is a writer, comedienne and trivia host in New York City.

She has performed New York Comedy Club, Caroline’s, Comic Strip Live, Gotham Comedy Club, Laugh Lounge, Times Square Arts Center, Broadway Comedy Club, Joke Joint and many others.

Rachel has written for National Lampoon, PlayerPress and various blogs.

She is also a playwright. Her works have been chosen for one-act competitions at the Secret Theatre, The Players Theatre, Manhattan Repertory Theatre and others. Rachel’s full-length comedic play “The Shallot” had a sold-out run at Manhattan Repertory Theatre in November 2012 and was produced in the Midtown International Theatre Festival in July 2013. She also has written monologues.

One who enjoys miscellaneous facts, learning, and drinking, Rachel writes for and hosts weekly Trivia Tryst Geeks Who Drink Think While You Drink (Instagram @thinkwhileyoudrink, also on the Facebook) games in New York City. Her trivia nickname is Rachel “Rabies-Free Since ’83” Arbeit, and it’s true.

Pandemic Project! Rachel and her family have been working to catalog all of her grandfather’s beautiful artwork – check it out at https://www.arnoldarbeit.com/