The Shallot


 Rachel Arbeit has written and twice produced a 

Full-Length Comedic Play “The Shallot”

The 14th Annual Midtown International Theatre Festival proudly presented “The Shallot,” a full-length comedic play based on a true story about working at The Onion in 2013. It was a hoot and perhaps will sometime be produced and performed again.

The play is about an aspiring writer who works as the Office Manager at The Shallot, a satirical news organization. While being informed that unemployment is the impending reality, the Office Manager observes a changing company whose structure, like its product, is funny.

Rob and Intern Chug

The Intern Mocks the Boss


Watch the trailer! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2orPQYVu6dE

Actress ready for her Shallot TV show audition

Clark: A Belieber

Actress ready for her Shallot TV show audition

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